Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sweaty eyes

"They can conquer who believe they can." - Vigil

Do you believe in yourself? Deep down do you believe you can do anything you set your mind to? Whether it be career, fitness, relationships, etc., do you, without a doubt, believe you can reach the goals you have set? I whole-heartily admit I second guess myself, my dreams, and my goals. It all comes back to the good 'ole fear of failure; however, it is in a completely different capacity than a year ago.

Today when I was doing the Indoor WOD, "Georgia," I had plenty of moments alone on the 6- 400m runs, which allowed me to get in my head a bit. I do not know about you, but when I run, even if it is short 400m bursts, I really start to think. I kept reciting the quote above by Vigil over and over in my head during the workout. I had read it moments before dropping into the 12:15 class. Around a year ago I questioned my abilities in all capacities, but now my outlook is different. I believe in my abilities as a coach, sister, friend, daughter...I will screw up, but I know I can conquer anything I set my mind to. Which leads me to the Relentless boot camp at 8:30AM MWF Lake Pointe...

Three days a week these boot campers show up and kick butt. Currently the class is about half full of 2+ year boot campers and the other half is about 3 months in to class. The newest clients have coined the phrase "my eyes are even sweating." I cracked up when I heard the motto, but it is so true. Everyone is training to work their bodies at intensities they never have before, and as a result, they are literally sweating from head to toe. Keep up the hard work! Each of you are an inspiration.

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