Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pink Cape Showouts

Chris (on the left) and Vanessa (on the right) ran in the Race For The Cure this past Saturday. Vanessa is one of our newest clients in the 8:30AM MWF Relentless Boot Camp at Lake Pointe. She has only attended boot camp for about 2 1/2 months and has already vastly improved her strength, endurance, and is losing inches weekly. Vanessa said, "This was the 1st 5K I have ever run without stopping." Woohooo!!! Go Vanessa!

Chris explains...
"So, the Race for the Cure. I haven't run a 5K in about a year and the only running "training" I've been doing is my CrossFit boot camps and indoor classes. So, most of my running has been of the 800 m or less variety as part of WODs or boot camp workouts. Even so, I dropped about 30 seconds off my previous best 5K time. And, I had enough left over to sprint to the finish, so I could have probably picked up my pace a bit! :-) I wish I could say I was surprised, but I've been doing CrossFit long enough to know that this is how it works -- build your overall fitness, improve overall cardio endurance, and the rest follows. This from someone who, two years ago when I showed up at my first CFC boot camp, was wearing knee braces and on the verge of giving up on running all together because I couldn't run a mile without my knees hurting! Two weeks into boot camp and the knee supports came off and I've never had to put them back on. Did I mention that I love CrossFit!!"

I am so proud of each of these ladies! I am not the least bit surprised at their success from Saturday. Consistency and hard work truly do pay off. Keep up the Relentless attitude. You ladies are showouts!!!

Reminder: FREE workout tomorrow, 11/4, at 9:30AM at Town Lake Under the Bridge.

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