Sunday, April 18, 2010

Living the Dream

"Teamwork makes the Dream work." - Showout

Yesterday was Affiliate tryouts for CrossFit Central. What a fun day! Non-stop workouts from 8:30-noon. 1 individual workout followed by a 2.4 mile run and then 2 team workouts. I absolutely love team workouts, and I realized that even more so yesterday. The energy at the Box was top notch. The camaraderie and team environment was exactly the reason why I love CrossFit, why I love the people I work with and coach, and why I love my job! I am living the dream.

I saw how far I've come in the past year with strength, endurance, and handstand push ups; however, I also saw I need some serious work on chest-to-bar pullups. Gymnastic skills will become my strength and not my weakness. Mark it down. My attitude towards my weaknesses are changing---I am approaching them as a fun game. No more negative attitude, whining, excuse-making, and complaining. I am a sapphire personality. When I take things too serious and do not see the excitement and joy in what I am doing then I stress and crumble. GAME ON...with FUN!

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