Wednesday, April 21, 2010


"You can begin to shape your own destiny by the attitude that you keep." -Michael Beckwith

Do you view a glass of water as half empty or half full? Do you only see the negative in a bad situation or do you search for the silver lining? Does your attitude suck? I know first-hand that when I roll out of bed each morning that my attitude can dictate my day in a very positive or negative way. Working at CrossFit Central is very different that an 8:00-6:00PM job. I have a flex-schedule---grant it, there are specific times each day that I have to be somewhere to coach; however, the rest of the week is up to me on what I do, how quickly I get it done, and how I can go above and beyond. Pretty nice deal if I say so myself.

This is where attitude is vital. I could take the route of doing the bare minimum to get the job done and stop. Thankfully that is not the way God made me, and why I feel blessed to be in a position where I can dream big, push my limits, learn the art of time management, and kick some butt. I have big goals and dreams for my future! My attitude will shape a destiny that I used to only dream but will now be a reality.

What is your attitude like each week?

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