Monday, December 14, 2009

Mike's Story




Mike is in my Tu/Th Deep Eddy 6:30AM boot camp.

Mike originally joined Relentless Boot Camp after getting frustrated with weight training and struggling with running injuries. He had lost 15 pounds in the previous year, but still could not ‘crack the code’ on getting the results he wanted. His goal was to build lean muscle mass and endurance while eliminating excess body weight. After his first four months of boot camp, Mike dropped an additional 15 pounds and over 5% body fat. Boot camp training also delivered performance gains, as Mike shed 2 minutes off his mile pace in one year! Mike has altered his diet to eliminate processed foods, sugars, and most dairy products, and feels healthier and has more energy.

Mike's long-term goals are to decrease his body fat to below 9%, build lean muscle mass, continue to make improvements in endurance races, and most importantly, continue to enjoy the challenges and camaraderie Relentless Boot Camp provides.

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  1. AWESOME!! Great job Mike, you look fantastic! =)