Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Listen Up

1 year ago
2010 UT vs. OU weekend --I can't believe I have the Longhorn sign on my blog =)
Every month CrossFit Central coaches schedule body comps for their clients. This is a perk for anyone who workouts with CrossFit Central. We perform body comps every 3 months; HOWEVER, that is only if you have earned a follow-up body comp by food logging and working out consistently.

I often see clients (especially females) get frustrated when they do not see major changes in 3 months. Jenifer is a prime example. The 1st 3 months was a slight change in body composition, the next 3 months was even more of a change, and now 9 months in she is really seeing the fruits of her labor. From the get go her and I discussed how the body will transform in 3, 6, 9 month cycles as long as she was consistent.

Jenifer is in the Tu/Th 6:30am Deep Eddy Relentless Boot Camp and she is doing exactly that--staying consistent! Since February she has lost the following:
18.2 pounds
6% body fat
14.95 inches
1 pant size

LISTEN UP: It did not take 1 month, 3 put on unwanted weight. Stay the course. Trust your coach and the process. Be relentless with dialing in on nutrition and busting your butt every time you show up to class. Do not make excuses for your actions. The results will consistently transpire over time. Believe it!

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  1. Thanks, Meg! I wouldn't be this far along with your encouragement and support.