Thursday, October 7, 2010


SICFIT encompasses so many aspects of fitness, life, personality, and attitude. We see it daily on Last night my Dad texted me the picture above with a subject line that read: Slingblade. I almost fell out of my chair cracking up laughing at the picture. Random texts from my parents are always entertaining. I love watching my Dad continue to exemplify a fit lifestyle after powering through a 90+ hour work week during football season, coaching weak-minded high school athletes, and then sporting his SICFIT hat with pride. Age does not matter. Mentality defines a SICFIT athlete.

The past 3 months I have been working out at SICFIT Austin with Coach Big Mike. It has been humbling, encouraging, fun, and hard work. Each day I see the possibilities of becoming more than I ever could imagine as an athlete and a coach. I have dropped to 13.5% body fat by switching up my workout program and dialing in on my nutrition, which has further help me coach clients who desire the same results. The best part is that I am having fun working out each time I show up. No stress. 1 hour of full-on SICFIT training with an incredible group of athletes. As well as a day full of endless possibilities of fueling my body with proper nutrition and supplements.

I am SICFIT because it is how I live each day. Not settling for less. Consistency. Empowering others to believe the same. Practicing what I preach. Having the mentality that anything is possible.

Are you SICFIT?

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