Sunday, October 17, 2010

Snazzy Wheels

Are there certain things in your life that you know are so simple yet you continuously put them off? A big one for me is washing my car. I have never been a huge car person. Never really cared too much about what kind of car I drove. In my train of thought, cars to me are simply a vehicle to get me from point A to point B.

Then one day I had a quick wake up call and saw how having a dirty car was preventing me from  my utmost potential.  The wake up call was when I pulled up to coach boot camp at the 6:15pm M/W Little Stacy Park class and my boot campers didn't even recognize my car because it was so clean from a simple car wash earlier that day. Their 1st comment was "Meg, look at you getting all snazzy for boot camp now." It sounds so basic and possibly funny, but it was seriously holding me back.

I challenge you to think of 1 thing that is simple yet you do not do it for one reason or another. Make a decision today to take action and see how great it feels.

I feel like a new person driving around town in my clean car. Be on the look out for all the Relentless Boot Camp coaches' cars. We will all have clean cars by the end of the week. Call us out if we don't. Next on my list are 2 new hub caps. WATCH OUT!

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