Thursday, January 13, 2011

Becky's Birthday WOD

Becky has been a Relentless Boot Camper for over 3 years. She is one of the top athletes in the 5:30am Tu/Th Deep Eddy class. It has been a joy getting to know her over the past year and watch her kick some serious butt before her day even starts with a full house of 5 kids and a husband. Now that is what I call a Relentless spirit.

Becky's Birthday WOD
10 rounds-
4 burpess
3 cone suicide

  • 10- She was born on January 10th.
  • 4 & 3- Chosen for the rep schemes because it was her 43rd birthday. Metabolic movements were selected because Becky is one of the fastest athletes I coach in all my classes.
Who's birthday is next on the Birthday workouts?

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