Saturday, January 8, 2011


Team ADONI$ did an awesome job this morning at the benchmark workout for the Trojan Challenge. In 8 weeks, these athletes will do the same workout and show how much their endurance and strength improved, as well as measure %body fat, inches, & weight loss.

Here are some highlights from Wikipedia on the meaning of Adonis:
  • Phoenician god (Sean on our team decided my new name is "Shownician")
  • An extremely attractive, youthful male is often called an Adonis
  • Bodybuilders use the expression "Adonis belt" to refer to the two shallow grooves of the surface anatomy of the human abdomen running from the iliac crest (hip bone) to the pubis. (We are getting SICFIT ripped)
Food logging and accountability starts NOW. Who is taking MVP on our team? Post comments  below on why you know you will lead from the front!

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