Thursday, August 25, 2011

Are you for me....

A hand full of the Relentless Coaches
Are you for me, against me, or for yourself?

I recently read an article that touched on the questions above regarding Leadership. I was asked to evaluate the past 5-10 Leaders/Bosses/Management in my life. I did the exercise about others but was quickly convicted on my own Leadership skill sets. 

I write this blog to my fellow colleagues at CrossFit Central, CCATX, RedBlack Gym, and specifically, the staff of 10 Relentless Boot Camp coaches I work with directly day in and day out.

I commit to lead FOR others.
I commit to being present to my actions-- awareness to when I make decisions that are for me or against others.
I commit to everyone winning.
I commit to each of you accomplishing every goal written down and more.
I commit to your happiness, fulfillment, and future.
I commit to building a fit community.
I commit to changing the world through the vehicle of fitness.
I commit to unlimited possibilities.


And I quote: If our goal is to “do unto others as we would want done to us,” then I suggest as leaders we reevaluate who we are for and why? If we can show others that we are authentically for them then I believe you will find yourself having even greater influence with those you lead.

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