Monday, August 15, 2011

Zilker Relays

Manzano Mile on to the next one...

Zilker Relays are right around the corner. I ran last year with Big Mike, Jen C, and Web. We had a blast! I am competing again this year with 3 other coaches at CrossFit Central. I feel more ready than ever for the 2.5 mile loop.

Consistently over the past few months I have done a weekly track workout. The training includes explosive intervals with short, timed rest breaks. Just this past Friday I did the following:

3 rounds-
300m sprint, rest 90sec
200m sprint, rest 60sec
100m sprint, rest 45 sec

4 minute break

Barefoot on the football field---
10 yd sprint, 10 yd back peddle, 20 yd sprint-- x 6 with 30 seconds rest

Over the next few weeks I will focus more on timed intervals, similar to the workout above, and include a few more CrossFit workouts with 400m, 600m, and 800m runs as well as drop into a Relentless Boot Camp once a week.

Watch out for Team CrossFit Central on September 2nd!

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