Monday, August 29, 2011

Zilker Relays continued

Boot Camp coaches sweating through a Relentless workout.

 Zilker Relays are only a few days away. I have continued with my training involving a greater focus on timed intervals and dropping into a Relentless Boot Camp once a week. Today all of us boot camp coaches took on a workout programmed by Coach Heather Reed. It was a doozie at 1:00 in the afternoon. After that workout, I feel more than ready to run 2.5 miles on a Friday evening.

Last Thursday I did the following track workout: 8 x 200m sprints with 60 seconds rest.

I rested about 5 minutes and finished with 6 x 40yd sprints barefoot on the football field. I worked on quick leg turnover and arm drive. Running barefoot really helps me feel where I am striking on the ground and to pull, pull, pull with my hamstrings for speed.

Who will I see on Friday sportin' their Double Cs and/or Relentless gear to kick off Labor Day weekend with a fun run?

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