Monday, August 8, 2011


( with ShowBro)

I am the oldest of 4 kids. All 3 of us girls live here in Austin, my brother now lives in the DFW area, and my parents live outside of Houston. We are super close even at a distance. I  never thought I would be happy or really care to see the day when my parents took on text messaging; however, when I open my phone to a text like the one below that is sent to me and my 3 siblings----I realize how loved and supported I am from a distance. And, that my Dad can type a legit, long text. Ha!

A text from my Dad...

I know that all 4 of you are at different stages in your lives. I want to remind you that nothing great is accomplished UNLESS YOU HAVE A DREAM. Never lose the capacity to DREAM. Pursue your DREAM with PASSION and have faith that it can and will come true. Love y'all very much!


  1. Awesome! What would we do without such supportive families? it!

  2. I need to meet your showbro and showdad! what an amazing text!

  3. Gotta love crazy families! I am blessed. Can't wait for both of y'all to meet my fam.