Thursday, August 4, 2011

Relentless from afar

Oh let me count the reasons why I love my job...

A 2+ year Relentless athlete, Michelle, could quite possibly be one of the top spokeswomen for Relentless Boot Camp. Michelle introduced her friend Rachel to my blog along with CrossFit Central's and Relentless's website. Rachel recruited some ladies in Vermont and they are doing there own version of CrossFit based on what they have learned from our websites!

Below is part of an email I receive after Rachel completes her 1st IronMan at the age of 39 with 3 children. To preface, I have never met nor spoken to this woman, but I am amazed how connected people can be via an online outlet. 

Hi Megan!  I feel like I know you already.  My good friend Michelle just came home to cheer me on at the Lake Placid Ironman.  She introduced me to CrossFit and Paleo last summer and I have been doing it since then.  We have one CrossFit program in Bennington, VT.... Anyway, I have been getting workouts from the Relentless Boot Camp website for the past year and me and three girlfriends do them three times a week on our own.  Thank you for helping me from afar!  I feel strong and fit... 



Another spectator sees Michelle running with Rachel, cheering her on, jumping over a fence, climbing over some tables to run, then back to the finish to tell her family she was she went by him he said "WOW your are relentless!"(The blue tee says it all.)

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