Thursday, January 22, 2009

How do you define Strength?

My brother, Tyler, (picture above) defines strength as the following, "strength is nothing more than how well you hide pain."

Webster dictionary defines strength as the following:
1: the quality or state of being strong
: power to resist force : solidity , toughness;
: power of resisting attack : impregnability
4 a
: legal, logical, or moral force
b: a strong attribute or inherent asset
5 a
: degree of potency of effect or of concentration strengths>
: intensity of light, color, sound, or odor
: vigor of expression
: force as measured in numbers
: one regarded as embodying or affording force or firmness : support strength>
: maintenance of or a rising tendency in a price level : firmness of prices strength of the dollar>
: basis —used in the phrase on the strength of

Naturally in CrossFit I define strength as Webster's #1 definition. My goal is to qualify and compete on CrossFit Central's Affiliate team for the CrossFit Games, so clearly I want to get stronger and increase my strength. However, strength takes on multiple meanings for me...
  • Strength is telling my friends (showouts) I cannot go out tonight because I have to be focused and ready for a workout or meeting the next day
  • Strength is getting up early every morning to coach/assist, encourage, motivate clients in boot camps at 5:30AM and 6:30AM
  • Strength is believing in myself and knowing that I can do anything
  • Strength is picking up a heavy-ass bar and doing a snatch that I never thought was possible
  • Strength is saying "no" more times than "yes" to that unhealthy food because I want to get lean and strong
  • Strength is putting my own desires to the side and being there for friends and family even when it presses my limits emotionally
My favorite definition of strength today is Shannon Hollsten's. She started CrossFit about 3 months ago. She is focused, determined, and driven. She is on mission to be SIC FIT. I am so proud of her!!!

Shannon's definition: Strength to me means being forced to order, stare at, and then cut the company mandated birthday cake that is accompanied by one of your favorite things in the whole wide world (ice cream)...and not even licking your fingers.

How do you define strength...


  1. Strength is feeling the fear and doing it anyway.
    Strength is not being a morning person and getting up anyway.
    Strength is not feeling able to pick the bar up one more time, but doing it anyway.
    Strength is what you call upon when everything in your body is shouting NO but you somehow make it say YES!

  2. *Staying positive in the face of all odds :-)
    *Smiling even though you can't breath
    *Finishing "Grace" and then throwing on more weight because you know you can go heavier (can't wait to do it again!! The ladies in the 6PM Women's Indoor rocked it last night!)
    *Having the courage and tenacity to pursue your dreams and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
    *Pushing yourself harder every single time. Breaking those boundries!!