Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Goal Reassessment continued...

I decided it was time to review my goals I set in August. Once I make myself set down and really evaluate where I am and where I want to go, I am fired up and motivated to do it. It is simply allowing myself to take time out of my day and take a good look in the mirror. I like a lot of what I see, but I also see defeat, and plenty of room for improvement. Wendell Phillips quotes it perfectly, "What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better."

Below is an update. Tomorrow I will have my new goals posted and current ones adjusted. Ardith, this post is especially for you, because you call me out and hold me accountable. Thank you!!

1) I am a silver pin in Advocare- Oct 30th--Did not happen but introducing Advocare to more people daily. Who needs some Spark =)
2) Relentless boot camps have added value for each athlete--shirts, KB/DB workout book, and KB for class- Aug 31st-- Taking place now...no shirts and book but added value via Relentless website and other boot camp Events & Challenges in the making
3) I completed the Olympic weight lifting cert-- Oct 18th-- Did not happen but attending Kettlebell certification on Dec. 5th

1) I am financially free of 2 credit cards-- Oct 2nd -- Paid off one credit card
2) I am spending a minimum of 20 mins 5x a week on personal development- Only about 3x a week
3) I am 10% body fat and 2 inches smaller in my waist line-- Oct 2nd -- I am still around 12-13% but have lost an inch in my waist line. Sept. 30th I started to really Zone and not just eat gluten/dairy free, and now I am edging closer to this goal.

1) I am doing 5 consecutive hand-stand pushups-- Oct 2nd --I can do handstand pushups on the ab mat now, which is a huge improvement. Still not where I want to be yet but getting closer...
2) I am doing a muscle-up-- Oct 16th -- Nope. Not quite there. I can only push myself out of the dip of the muscle-up
3) I am doing 10 consecutive chest-to-bar kipping pull-ups-- Sept 4th -- yep, yep. Pull-ups are wayyyyyyyyyyy better. Still improving. Not all chest to bar but way more consistent. Yayyy!!
4) I have increased CF Total-- squat: 215; shoulder press: 95; deadlift: 265-- Dec 31st -- Max deadlift is at 245 and shoulder press is still at 85. Not sure about back squat.

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  1. Thanks for putting this out here, Meagan!!! I love the way that you challenge yourself and then publicly ask for the support you need. This is a community and that is exactly what a community is for. Like family, they know your darkest moments and love ya and cheer as you meet your goals and encourage you to challenge yourself even more on the next one!!! You are so inspiring!!! Way to goooooo!!!! Wahoo! I'm working on maintenance this holiday season and you are going for lean!!! I'm going to rethink this maintenance thing - only keeps me in the same place and I like moving forward!!!