Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goal Reassessment

(Deep Eddy 6:30AM Tu/Th boot camp)

Anywhere from weekly, to 30 days, to 90 days, to 6 months, to a year, I am reassessing my goals. With the start of the up coming school year (aka: football season in my world), the beginning of CrossFit Central RunTex, the upcoming CrossFit Central Relentless boot camp programs, the launch of Kettlebell Central--- it was clearLLLLLLLLy time for me to reassess where I am and where I am going in all capacities of life.

I have started coaching Elements to new athletes coming into CrossFit programs, and I am even more motivated to be a student of CrossFit. I strive daily to learn new teaching styles, coaching methods, and improve my skill set. I am overseeing the launch of CrossFit Central Relentless. I cannot even wait to experience the impact these boot camps will have on CrossFit Central athletes. My quote for the day-- "We are not here to merely make a living. We are here to enrich the world."- Woodrow Wilson

New Goals:
1) I am a silver pin in Advocare- Oct 30th
2) Relentless boot camps have added value for each athlete-- shirts, KB/DB workout book, and KB for class- Aug 31st
3) I completed the Olympic weight lifting cert-- Oct 18th

1) I am financially free of 2 credit cards-- Oct 2nd
2) I am spending a minimum of 20 mins 5x a week on personal development
3) I am 10% body fat and 2 inches smaller in my waist line-- Oct 2nd

1) I am doing 5 consecutive hand-stand pushups-- Oct 2nd
2) I am doing a muscle-up-- Oct 16th
3) I am doing 10 consecutive chest-to-bar kipping pull-ups-- Sept 4th
4) I have increased CF Total-- squat: 215; shoulder press: 95; deadlift: 265-- Dec 31st

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