Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I attended Dani Johnson's First Steps to Success conference this weekend. AMAZING. I went to the conference under the impression that I was going to learn more about business and how to be more efficient and productive in my day-to-day skills. I indeed left with more knowledge in this area. However, little did I know that I would have a "come to Jesus" awakening, so-to-speak, kind of weekend.

The first day we learned about the 2 biggest causes of Failure. EGO and EXCUSES. This really hit home. I absolutely have some ego issues.

- is not doing certain things because you know you won't look good
- judges
- is afraid to make a mistake
- is always trying to prove to be the best
- is self righteous
- only thinks of themselves

The light bulb went off when Dani said "You cannot succeed unless there is a chance of failure." So often I do not go all out or even attempt relationships, workouts, new jobs because I am afraid to fail. Deep down inside I knew that was ridiculous but I continued to be a slave to my own ego. No longer. I believe with all my heart I am where I am today for a reason. There is a plan for my life and I need to stop being afraid to achieve greatness. Each day I am getting out there and making mistakes. Living. Learning. Growing.

Who's with me????

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