Tuesday, June 29, 2010

1:15 is my new favorite time

I did my 1st workout at SicFit Austin today and absolutely loved it. I worked out along side Heather, Chad, and Walt. I have been back and forth about joining a class for a while due to my schedule; however, today I decided that 1:15 every Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri is Showout Meg workout time with Big Mike. When I first started at CrossFit Central I was a client of Mike's. I remember leaving my previous job each day to drive up to Central to get in a workout with my class and being so excited just to be there. Today I had that same feeling again. I honestly fell in love with working out all over again. It was great!!! Training my weaknesses...ring pull-ups, ring dips, handstand pushups. Big Mike could not have said it better...I need my upper body strength to catch up with my leg strength. All in due time.

I left today with my butt kicked but with a new found energy. I did not feel bogged down, mentally drained, nor beat down today. I forget at times how important it is to have a coach. To have that time each week for someone else to train you up and make you better. The pictures above do not do much justice. We all were filthy, sweaty, but rejuvenated.

How do you feel after you leave a CrossFit Central Indoor or Relentless class? Are you renewed and ready for more in 2 days?

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