Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Research recap

To be continued from Why I heart Arginine...
Journal Applied Physiology, 109: 1394-1403, 2010 -- Arginine Supplements Prevent Fatigue During Exercise
Arginine is an important amino acid used to produce nitric oxide, which is critcal for blood flow control. British researchers from Exeter University found that supplementing 6 grams of L-arginine reduced blood pressure during exercise by 7%, increased blood levels of nitric oxide by 100%, and endurance capacity by 21%. Arginine supplements increase blood flow control and could be a valuable supplement for endurance athletes.

All the more reason why Arginine Extreme is a phenomenal product too from Advocare! I dare you to try this before your next CrossFit Central endurance workout on Tuesday night, 6:15pm at Austin High with Melisa Rehm.

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