Friday, March 11, 2011

The Results are In!

(pictured: Sean's before & after pic at his house. 8 weeks later and we can see the Adonis belt--hence Team ADONI$)

The 2nd Annual Trojan Challenge was a complete success. I could not be more pleased with my team. Each of them made huge changes in their life. Team ADONI$ collectively lost over 33 inches, 45lbs, and 22% body fat!

Lauren and Sean went from eating only fish and eggs for protein to adopting a complete Paleo lifestyle. I recommended they read "Good Calories, Bad Calories" when we first started the challenge and from there on out they were avid leaders on the team with helping everyone stay on track with nutrition.  Matt introduced more veggies into his diet along side more protein and knocked out more pushups and pullups than he's been able to do in quite some time. Cassie & Emily both completely revamped their diet and went from eating a diet full of grains, very few greens, and small amounts of protein to a nutritious Paleo diet. Emily also dropped 4 pant sizes!

Quick testimony-- When I was doing Cassie's body comp last week she tells that she has not felt this good in 25 years. More energy. Clearer skin. I can see a 6-pack forming. I feel great!

Doing body comps on all 5 of these athletes was absolutely rewarding. Each of them walked away stronger, equipped with kettlebell skills, and a new way of fueling their body they will use forever.


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