Thursday, March 31, 2011

Climbing a Mountain

(Ruthie attempting to throw up her Double Cs underneath 5 layers of clothing).

Ruthie attends my Tu/Th 8am Relentless Boot Camp at Barton Hills Elementary. She recently traveled to Africa and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am so proud of her! When she first started with me she could barely squat, running was out of the question, and pushups and situps were extremely difficult. Now here it is less than a year later, and she's climbing a mountain!! Fit across all domains.

Ruthie writes about her adventure...

Mark (her husband) said my CrossFit training really paid off on summit day. He claims I was hopping from rock to rock up there. Although it certainly did not feel that way at the time, I was always in the lead and the first of our group to reach summit. Not that it's a race!! I just was able to physically maintain. My legs were never the problem... breathing on less oxygen and hiking 23 hours straight on 4 hours sleep... now that's a different story.

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