Friday, November 18, 2011

Fresh start

(I'm in the top left)

Coach Travis Holley challenged everyone on his blog to The Wake Up Challenge this past Monday. After the Monday I had from being worn out and simply not in the mood to do anything, I took on this challenge full speed ahead.

I popped out of bed on Tuesday morning at 4:50 and the 1st thing I said in the mirror, as I am popping my Advocare, was the following:

Incantation 1: Awesome stuff finds me as I live an authentic life!

Incantation 2: I make a difference. I am beautiful. I am balanced!

These are 2 incantations I have been alternating back and forth each morning. Both resonate with me from different places. After only 4 days of this practice, crazy things have been happening.
  • A new possible personal training client
  • Brother moving to Austin in a week
  • New revenue stream for Relentless Training Systems with GGBP
  • Meeting people the most random ways and developing new friendships
  • After a talk with Clarkie, I am way more open to the possibility of competing in a Figure competition
  • Random people asking to order Advocare care from me
These are a few examples. The biggest shift has been in my attitude and being present all through out the day. This challenge will go well beyond 2 weeks for me. Once again I understand how extremely powerful is the mind! I dare you to jump on board. 

Passage I read this morning-- Giving the events of your life (even the crappy ones) an empowering meaning is something we condition. It's something we get stronger and stronger at over time. It's not a quick fix. But we can rewire our brain (aka our thoughts) to look out into the world from a different point of view. What you look for will determine what you find. How you look out into the world will determine your emotions and thoughts, which determine your actions, which creates your life.

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