Thursday, March 19, 2009

Back N Balance

I had my very 1st chiropractic appointment with Dr. Lorenzen at Back N Balance last Tuesday, and my adjustment 2 days ago. Back N Balance practices NUCCA chiropractic medicine. In other words, to literally put my head on straight and to help relieve the abnormal stress that is being put on the rest of my body.

On my 1st visit, pre-adjustment x-rays were taken of my skull and atlas bone. Dr. Lorenzen analyzed the X-rays to determine my specific misalignment which she then used for my adjustment. The findings showed my head was 5-degrees twisted to the left. A significant value is 2-3 degrees. Clearly I was a bit misaligned!! Two-hours later of Dr. Shelley working on me, my head is on straight and I have no tension in my neck. My back feels great, and I have noticed the most improvement in my hip area. CrossFit is great for your physical health, but like any form of exercise, it takes a toll on your body. Make it a priority to take preventative measures to stay healthy and functional.

NUCCA Philosophy:
As we go through life, we experience accidents and traumas that cause our heads to be knocked off the vertical axis which causes the rest of our spine to shift and buckle under the weight of our head. This causes irregular changes in the posture and musculature of the body and then eventually degenerative changes in the overall body structure and bone results. My job as a NUCCA Chiropractor is to put your head on straight, literally, to help relieve the abnormal stress that is being put on the rest of your body.

The NUCCA Chiropractic technique is an upper cervical specific technique that is very gentle. It includes very specific X-rays of the head and neck (cervical vertebrae). The top vertebrae in the spine is called the Atlas, this is the bone that surrounds the brain stem and also the bone on which the skull sits. If this bone is not in the correct position, messages aren't going to travel properly from the brain to the rest of the body, or from the body back up to the brain. This phenomenon is known as nerve interference and it can show up in many different ways throughout our bodies.

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