Tuesday, March 31, 2009


(pic above: Deep Eddy boot camper working out in the parking garage because of rain)

I have been eating full-on Paleo and mostly Zone since last Sunday (the day after I attended Robb Wolf's Nutrition seminar). Bottom line-- IT WORKS!!!!

I am not constantly hungry, and I love to cook even more now. I typically do not step on the scale but I decided to today. I have been stuck at the same number for a while and I was 3 lbs lighter today, and out of no where I have lost an inch in my waist line!!! The biggest goal of eating Paleo for me was to get stronger and recover more quickly from my workouts, and as a byproduct I'm losing weight and inches too.

Tonight CrossFit Central is hosting a Nutrition seminar at the gym at 7:00PM. Lots of good information to share. I strongly recommend attending.

I am also looking for more people to take on the Paleo Challenge. I have 2 people interested. Who else is ready to get SIC FIT???

Favorite post-workout snack: small sweet potato, peeled and sliced. Coat the pan with coconut oil and sprinkle cinnamon on top of the sweet potatoes. bake at 400-degrees for 15-20 minutes. And if you need a little extra fat, sprinkle 1-2 TB of slivered almonds on top. YUMO!

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