Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weight Gaining Behaviors

(pic above- CrossFit Central coaches/clients at Robb Wolf's Nutrition cert)

The information in the chart below is based on typical calorie counts of foods and beverages, as well as on scientific studies of the caloric cost of specific eating behaviors. The annual weight gain column is based on calculating the estimated yearly caloric cost of each behavior, then dividing by 3500 calories (the number of additional calories it takes to gain 1 lb). As I mentioned in a previous post, moderation and balance are vital to a healthy lifestyle.





Eating 2nd helpings (200 calories per helping) 3x a week

600 extra calories a week

31,200 extra calories per year

9 lbs

Habitual overeating, every day, 380 extra calories a day

2660 extra calories a week

138,320 extra calories per year

40 lbs

Eating 1 glazed donut every day at work during your coffee break

1450 extra calories a week

75,400 extra calories per year

21 lbs

Drinking 1 regular soda a day, rather than having water

1008 extra calories a week

52,400 extra calories per year

15 lbs

Snacking on 15-20 potato chips a day

1050 extra calories a week

54,600 extra calories per year

16 lbs

Bingeing twice a week (1000 to 3000 cal per binge)

2000 to 6000 extra calories a week

104,000 to 312,000 extra calories per year

30-90 lbs

Eating out at fast-food restaurants 5x a week compared to having a healthy meal prepared at home (56 extra cals per fast-food meal)

280 extra calories a week

14,560 extra calories per year

4 lbs

Snacking while watching TV, 5 hours a week (136 cals per snack)

680 extra calories a week

35,360 extra calories per year

10 lbs

Late night eating, 5 episodes per week (270 cals per episode)

1350 extra calories a week

70,200 extra calories per year

20 lbs

One 1-on-1 Personal training session
Eat gluten-free for 4 weeks
Paleo/Zone booklet
Weekly meetings going over food log (4 total)
1 personal trip to the grocery store
Cost: $100

Are you in???????????????????

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