Monday, March 30, 2009

3 WODs, 1 day

3 WODs in 1 day. (stay tuned for pics)

On Saturday after the UTB and free Indoor workouts, the CrossFit Central coaches met at the gym and did 3 WODs spaced 2 hours apart in 1 day. (disclaimer: I actually did 2 WODs in 1 day and did the 1st WOD the day before since I knew I would miss the 1st workout on Saturday.) Freddy from CrossFit One World came up with the workouts. BRUTAL.

WOD #1-
Complete the following for time:
-10 power clean and jerks (M:185#/W:135#)-- I did 115lbs
-Row 200m
-8 power clean and jerks
-Row 300m
-6 power clean and jerks
-Row 400m
-4 power clean and jerks
-Row 200m
-2 power clean and jerks
Power Clean! This means the the knees must be above parallel in the
catch position.

WOD #2-
Complete seven rounds for time of:
-7 snatches (M:95#/W:65#)
-4 muscle-ups-- I did modified muscle/up with a box
-200m run
To be rx'd, snatches must be caught in a full squat. No power
snatching and then overhead squatting.

WOD #3-
Complete five rounds for time of:
-Run 400m
-Row 500m

I learned so much on Friday and Saturday. I left the workouts bruised, beat up, but empowered. Everyone was encouraging each other. Coaching. Improving skill sets. Breaking through mental barriers. When Saturday was over I felt a sense of accomplishment. I am so thankful to work with such a bad ass group of CrossFit coaches. Top notch. I truly am living my dream each day. We are in training for the Regional Qualifier in Ft. Worth on May 2-3 for the CrossFit Games. Saturday was only a glimpse of what is to come.

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