Thursday, March 18, 2010

As If

March marked my 1 year Anniversary of coaching my very own boot camp. I started assisting Jeremy and Carey in January 2009 and launched my 1st class in March. The 2 pictures above symbolize a lot in my life right now.

The 1st pic is what I like to call my Vision Board. The papers taped on my closet door are the rosters for the 5 boot camps I coach each week. My goal is to have sold out classes consistently. Looking at these rosters day in and day out keeps me accountable to strive for success, as well as, keep up with my current client's attendance. I fill in the open spots each day when a new client joins the class or someone drops in to class. Focused energy on the goal. More and more each day I am acting As If. I am living each day As If everything I desire, and the goals I want to accomplish, are already happening this very moment. It is a bit scary at first and a bold move, but once you do it, it is the most empowering action you can take. Try it. Act As If there is nothing in your way to accomplish everything you desire.

The 2nd pic is Latisha and I. She started boot camp with me a year ago. She was one of my very 1st boot campers. Latisha has attended class day in and day out for a year and continues to come back for more. I will never forget the first days she showed up and could barely squat and not come close to a pushup. Now this strong woman can do pushups on her toes, squat below parallel, make it through an entire workout, and do burpees like there is no tomorrow. More body composition success results for Latisha are coming soon. Read her story from May 2009. She has continued to improve.

Quote for the day: "You have the power to change anything, because you are the one who chooses your thoughts, and you are the one who feels your feelings."

Act As If...

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