Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gut Check

This past weekend was the Central Southern Texas Sectionals in Austin at Camp Mabry. The event was a complete Level 10 experience from every angle--competitors, spectators, volunteers. Today I am finally able to write about the weekend. I went in to competition on Saturday excited, driven, focused, and ready to have fun and compete. However, I left Sunday with mixed emotions--excited for my teammates but disappointed in my personal end result.

This weekend I learned first hand that CrossFit reveals weaknesses. Workout #1 was my workout and kept me right in the top of the pack. Workout #2 had handstand pushups. I got my 1st unassisted (aka: no ab mat) hand stand pushup on Thursday. Two days before competition; clearly not ideal. Needless to say I spent 12 long minutes staring at a metal wall and attempting handstand pushups and only muscled out one. I went in to Workout #3 ready to redeem myself; however, double-unders in grass turned out to not work in my favor.

It is now 2 days post competition, and I have picked up my pride and ego off the ground. I reminded myself why I compete. I did not place in the top 30, and for that I am disappointed. The realization of how 2 weaknesses removed me from being in the top 30 really hit home. Once again I am reminded...train everything, especially my weaknesses!

On a better note, I will ALWAYS have fun doing CrossFit. Every time I wonder from that thought pattern, I do a quick gut check and remind myself how blessed I am to do what I do. The overwhelming feeling of gratitude takes over the moment I switch my thought process. (I dare you to try it). The experience, competition, and stronger friendships developed after this weekend are invaluable. To top it off, I got to wear my Showout apparel this weekend. I know I am a good CrossFitter, and each day moving forward I am striving to be a great CrossFitter, and an athlete who will be on the CrossFit Central Affiliate Team.


  1. Great post... you are a phenomenal person and CrossFitter. I'm proud to train with you! =)

  2. Thanks for the love and support, Crystal! I am beyond proud of you!!! Can't wait to continue to train with all you ladies day in and day out.

  3. Megan! You continue to be such an inspiration to me. This is a beautiful post, and I want you to know... you may be disappointed in your results from the weekend, but from my perspective, you are a superstar and excellent example of what CrossFit means. You went out there and did your best. What else is there?

    Love to you!