Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mary is a Baller!!!

Mary is a boot camper in the MWF 8:30AM Lake Pointe class. Every week this woman never ceases to amaze me. She has gone from a good athlete to a GREAT athlete and is now impacting her family in huge ways too. She is a 100% Baller. Check out her recap from the Trail Setter 5K this past weekend and her future race calendar for 2010.

"Yep definitely plan on running the Cap 10K. I ran a 5K this morning (Trail Setter 5K in Cedar Park) and came in 2nd in my age group and made the leader list (#9 female to finish)….it was just a little dinky race BUT fun none the less. Ran 24:10.

My hubby came in 2nd in his age group (ran like 22:40) AND my daughter Megan and her BF both came in 1st in their age group…haha it was lots of fun!!! They were funny. They were just gonna take it easy and go on a fun little jog than the competitive spirit kicked in…o boy!!"

Relentless Boot Camps are currently putting together a Relentless Race Calendar. Please comment below or email me at all the races, including tri-series, you will be competing in 2010. We want to come together at each race and cheer, encourage, motivate, and support each other in our athletic endeavors. We desire to take Community with CrossFit Central to a whole new level. Let's make it happen together.

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