Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Faces

Relentless Boot Camp Coaches: Jeremy, Heather, Karen, Stacey, Me

I coach 5 boot camps every day of the week all around Austin. I have now also taken on more of a managerial role with Relentless Boot Camps and have the opportunity to train up and coming new boot camp coaches. I love it!!! The excitement, intensity, and passion that comes with a new coach is contagious and makes my job even more rewarding. Every Thursday Heather, Karen, and Stacey have been going through boot camp training, which includes coaching, programming, and business development to gear up for the classes they will start coaching in May, as well as lead a team of 10 through the Trojan Challenge.

Be looking for their faces at CrossFit Central and all around town coaching boot camps.

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