Friday, March 26, 2010

Personal Power

"Dreams come true when a vision of the Impossible becomes the Reality of the Heart." - Unknown

And my Tony Robbins' epiphanies continue...

I went back and listened to a CD on the Personal Power series this week and had completely new insight from the 1st time I listened about a month ago. Just a heads up...I'm going to refer to my boy ,Tony, as T.R.

T.R defines personal power as the ability to act; ability to take action. The definition is fairly similar to Webster's Dictionary. However, the biggest difference between T.R's definition and Webster's is the 2nd part-- ability to take action. It is one thing to act like I am going to do something, write it down, make a list, talk about it...but it is a whole new ball game when I start to take action.

T.R. shared his Success Formula on the CD, and I want to share it with each of you.

  • Know your outcome- clarity is power. You must FOCUS on what you want in order to make it happen. +
  • Use it; Take action- decide to decide! Do not settle for less than the best. I am always telling myself and my closest girlfriends to demand more in relationships; why in the world would I not do the same in every area of my life. Fear of failure is a hindering force in this part of the equation. Do not allow fear to win. Fear produces results. +
  • Notice what you are getting from your actions- ask yourself if what you are doing is actually working. Be flexible. Pay attention. FOCUS. +
  • Change your approach- if what you are doing is not working then switch it up.
I have been implementing these steps with my goals, and I am seeing the fruits of my labor. From a business perspective, Relentless Boot Camps are blowing up, and the classes I am coaching are all on the brink of being sold out.

From fitness, I continue to turn over a new leaf all the time. Becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable. Pushing my limits. Challenging myself to perform any CrossFit movement thrown my way. The picture above is from Sectionals 2 weeks ago. This pic represents frustration because I could only muscle out 1 handstand pushup, but it also symbolizes hard work and how far I've come since I started this sport.

From personal, my life ROCKS!!!

I challenge each of you to take the Success Formula and apply it to at least 1 aspect of your life for 30 days. Send me an email after 30 days so I can hear all about your success.

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