Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ginger's Success

Ginger joined the 6:30AM Tu/Th Deep Eddy Relentless Boot Camp in November. She has made huge strides forward and found a new community of friends! Check out her "WOW, boot camp's done a lot for me" moments below from 2 weeks ago, along with her own bit of entertaining sarcasm.

I had a couple of "wow, boot camp's done a lot for me." First, I was running on Saturday with a friend I've been running with for about a year and a half. Entirely unprompted, she remarked that I'm running a LOT faster. Of course, that's comparing "the movement of glaciers" to "perceptible forward motion." But still, relatively speaking, it's nice to have someone notice an improvement. Even better, I finally got to ride my bike on Sunday, and although I haven't ridden since September, I was able to do a (for me) fairly long ride and I wasn't tired afterward. More important, I've had a continuing problem with my hands getting numb when I ride. It's a pain and kind of dangerous because it affects your ability to shift and brake. Bike coaches have told me that this happens when you lack core strength. For the first time EVER, my hands didn't get numb. This is a big deal, and totally due to boot camp and your excellent coaching. So thanks!

How has Relentless Boot Camp improved your quality of life? Post comments below.

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  1. Way to go Ginger!!! I definately have made strides - I've lost a total of 10 lbs, inches off my waist, arms, and legs - and I set a new PR on my deadlift this morning. XF FTW!