Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Core Values

Every coach and staff member within Trinity Training Systems (aka: CrossFit Central, Relentless Boot Camp, CrossFit Central ATX, RedBlack Gym) are writing out their top 4 personal core values. The words I chose are the foundation on which I perform work and daily conduct myself. The road map to how I live my life.

  • Balance- Work hard, play hard. I feel this Core Value encompasses everything from family, fun, faith, and friendships. When I choose the all or nothing route, my life is chaos.
  • Integrity- I was back and forth between choosing integrity and respect. I, personally, use them interchangeably. However, I did a little research into the 2 words and after reading more I know without a doubt integrity is one of my core values. Read more here to distinguish the difference between the 2 words.
  • Character- My Dad always said to me, "It is the quiet moments out of the spotlight, when no one else is looking, that most defines your character." That statement has stuck with me forever. I even received a poster at Baylor basketball camp when I was in junior high with the exact statement and hung it on my wall.
  • Making a Difference- This is why I do what I do. Coach. Train. Lead. It is the reason why I left my job and started a brand new career. The core of who I am is to make a difference in others lives.

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