Friday, September 30, 2011

Layer Up

I have basically taken on intermittent fasting during the work week, because it is a lot simpler for me to make a large breakfast and pack protein powder then to have a numerous small meals all through out the day. It's been working great for me. I am more satisfied when I leave each meal, and meal prep the night before takes no time. I will eat breakfast around 7:30/8:00AM, drink 2 protein shakes through out the day, and then have a satisfying dinner.

I started layering my breakfast by accident due to what I was making. Now it's turned into a delish meal and way fun to eat. Pictured above are the following layers:
  • Layer 1- Raw spinaich
  • Layer 2- Brussel sprouts cooked in 2 pieces of bacon with 4oz chicken sausage.
  • Layer 3- 2 eggs
  • Layer 4- More raw spinach with 2tsp EVOO and avocado.

The meal is nothing unique or fabulous, but the layer idea is easy for me to eat on the go without mixing everything together like I typically do. Simple switch. New breakfast.

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