Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WOW, WOW, and WOW!

Let me set the stage...
It's a Monday night (last night to be exact). I just finished assisting Crystal at the 6:00 Women's Indoor class and I was heading back to S. Austin to meet my sister and brother for a CrossFit WOD. The plan was for them to meet me at CrossFit Central to do the WOD; however, it was raining, the indoor classes had the gym, so we figured why not just kick some butt at the local gym and not get covered in rain drops.

I led Paige and Tyler through the typical CrossFit warmup--squats, pushups, rotations, warm-up drills-- you know, the usual. Then we moved on to the WOD. I had them do the same WOD as the free Women's workout on Sunday morning accept they were not partnered so we cut the reps in half.

3 rounds for time--
25 Sumo deadlift high pull
25 overhead walking lunge
25 push press
400 meter walk/run with dumbells

As you can see this workout requires very little space, only using dumbells and the track, and not utilizing the machine equipment. As they were beginning round 3, I was stopped by the General Manager of the gym and asked if I was a trainer. I quickly explain I am a trainer BUT I am also a paying member of this gym and I am working out my siblings. Is there any harm in that? I think not. Without diving into more details, I was asked by the General Manager to not have the perception of "training" on the gym floor if I am not a trainer of that gym. WOW, WOW, and WOW!!!! NEXT.

Last night I realized even more so the perception and intensity of CrossFit. It is different. It is not the typical training of a gym. It can look intimidating to other trainers. BUT, it is the best training program and is changing lives daily. Last night was my brother's first CrossFit WOD. It kicked his butt but he did awesome, especially with the rush of adrenaline after being told that his own sister could not work him out. Don't mess with me when my brother is around. Lol!

Keep up the hard work CrossFitters. You are strong, functional, and AMAZING!!!!!!!!


  1. Clearly it's time for CrossFit to take over! Scaring GM's at local gyms... must mean we're onto something!!!

    Keep up the awesome work Parsons' fam! Y'all are an inspiration :-)!!!

  2. Shut. Up. PUH-lease! I know the gym you went to...people there need to work harder and the trainers need to push their clients harder anyway!

    Funny that someone (one of the bitter trainers, perhaps) had to tattle on you! Did you tell them you were a Showout?