Thursday, June 18, 2009

Take a step back

(pic: baby sister and I)

I took a step back this week to look at my life. I was confronted head on with life and death, and the brutal reality that we have one life and we better make the best of it. One of my friend's dad passed away in an instant yesterday, another friend found out her friend has kidney cancer, and another friend found out his tumor is possibly malignant. The circumstances really hit home. Life is here and gone in an instant. It is easy to take advantage of my friends, and especially my family, because I assume they will always be around. I never think of my dad passing away until he is old and decrepit because he is convinced he is living to be 110 (insert laugh here). I thought to myself, "do I go to bed each night with my family and friends knowing that I love them; do the people I meet and come in contact with daily feel loved, encouraged, and/or determined to be more than they were today..."

I had the opportunity today to have a moment to be alone. I was running sprints and it was me, the track, and my iPod. I love the quiet moments every once in a while where I can sweat, grind, reflect, and dream about where I am and where I am going. Today allowed me to reflect on the events that unfortunately happened this week but then to also smile and bask in the beauty and "amazinginess" of my life. I have only once chance in this life to live, love, and make a difference. Go and make the best of it.

I am blessed!

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