Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Big Picture

I received the email below today from Scott. This is a mass email that was sent out to all participants in Fight Gone Bad, but it really hit home. I can get so caught up in the hype, the planning, and the fund raising of the event, and quickly forget why everyone is doing what they are doing to make this day happen. I took a step back this morning and saw the big picture. Participating in FGB on Saturday is an honor. I am thankful I am alive and have the ability to compete this weekend. Watch the video and read below.
This is my fourth time putting on Fight Gone Bad. A lot has changed in four years, and a lot hasn't. There are more of us than there were in 2006, and there are a lot less of "them".
In my job I get to meet people every day in the worst possible circumstances. Families losing husbands and fathers. Men calling on the way home from the doctor asking me what to do, how to tell their families. Through my work with the Wounded Warrior Project I've met families who's sons and daughters see their fathers come home missing parts with nowhere to turn, and those who's fathers aren't coming home at all.

Through it all, there have been you guys, the CrossFit community. You have no idea what you're doing on Saturday, because you don't get to meet these families. You don't get to hear how much what you do means to them. You don't know how they feel less alone because of you. You don't get to know how many people you touch. I wanted you to know with only a few days left how much you count. How much it means to more than two million families that you stand up for them while millions would rather not know. More than anything you don't know how much what you do means to me. These broken, wounded people are part of our "family" and I promised every one of them that we'd come through for them, and we have....every year.

Now with five days left we're in the last round of our own Fight Gone Bad, and like any final round every one of us has to reach down and find out who we are when we think we're maxed, beaten, but still standing. So, I'm asking on behalf of the people I promised, please go the final round with all you've got...

Sprint to FGB status: ran 8x100m with 30 sec rest; then ran 2x200m with 40 sec rest on Sat. Ran 1 mile yesterday after a strength WOD in 6:45. Woohoo!!! Getting faster. 5.75 miles down and 4.25 to go...

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