Friday, September 25, 2009

Wellness & Benefits Fair

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to attend Tokyo Electron's Wellness & Benefits Fair. Around 150 employees stopped by CrossFit Central's booth and learned about CrossFit Indoor and Relentless boot camps. I was encouraged to hear the enthusiasm and interest surrounding CrossFit at the Fair; I also realized how many people do not know about this amazing fitness program. One of my new goals by this time next year is to have Relentless boot camps be a house hold name in Austin, TX. Each day I hear stories from our current clients of how Relentless boot camp is improving their running times, helping them lose weight, inches, and body fat, and making them a happier person. Every one in Austin, TX should be a part of The Movement.

What is Relentless boot camp? Read more HERE.

October programs begin on Monday, September 28th. Bring a friend to boot camp on the 1st day and receive a free packet of Spark from me.

Sprint to FGB status: ran 8x100m with 30 sec rest; 2x400m with 90 sec rest. 3.75 down and 3.25 to go... Looks like I won't make the 10 mile sprint goal by tomorrow but it was great to start sprinting again. Who took on the challenge?

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