Thursday, September 17, 2009


I love football, especially college football! I grew up around football. My dad has coached football for over 25 years. Football is in my blood. This weekend is the Texas Tech vs. UT game in Austin. College Game Day, baby. I attended Texas Tech for graduate school so clearLLLLLy I love the Red Raiders. I have had so much fun this week giving all my clients a hard time about the game and yelling RAIDER POWER across the parking lot at Deep Eddy park during boot camp.

What I love most about team sports are they provide an environment for sweat, tears, and fun in a group setting...just like boot camp. The Relentless boot camps at CrossFit Central have pulled together to form teams for FGB. They have been sprinting, sweating, fund raising, and working together to kick some butt on September 26th.

I know one thing that is for sure--my Red Raiders have been doing the same thing to get ready for Saturday. Game on. WRECK'EM TECH!

Sprint to FGB status: ran 4x200m with 40 sec rest yesterday. 5 miles down, 5 to go...

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