Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gangsta Lean

I was finally finishing up my U6 test from the Trigger Point certification this weekend. I was browsing through the website and found an article on Left Drivers Leg Syndrome (LDLS). We talked about LDLS briefly at the cert, but it was extremely informative to read in detail exactly what it entails. Little did I know that sitting with my "gangsta lean" in the car is one of the worst things for me legs.

"It is time for people to understand how to sit in the car. What do you mean? some may ask. Well how many of you have piriformis syndrome? How many of you have it on the left side? What we have found at RE-GEN is that most people dealing with piriformis syndrome have it on the left side of the body, they also typically drive quit a bit throughout the week. We also see the same relationship with driving and IT band syndrome. The other 10% are right-handed, sit at a desk for long periods of time, and love cruise control." Read the entire article HERE.

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