Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strength by Body Weight QUOTES

(A few of the 5:30AM Tu/Th Deep Eddy boot campers adding strict pushups into their burpee workout)

The Strength by Body Weight Challenge is firing up Relentless boot campers for the New Year to get more fit and inspiring friends, family, and significant others to join in on the fun. Below are a list of quotes from some of my clients.

Michelle in 6:30AM Tu/Th Deep Eddly class-- "I did just shut my door and do 20 pushups...and there are about 7 people out in our conference asked what did you just do? I said Push Ups of course? Who doesn't do Push Ups in their office at 230 on Fridays!"

Mary in the MWF 8:30AM Lake Pointe class-- "
400 pushups done…my arms are turning into rocks haha…no but really I can tell a difference!! Yeah!"

Kara in the Tu/Th 6PM Dick Nichols class-- "400 down. And now I'm doing almost all pushups on my toes. This is actually working. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

Sarah in the Tu/Th 6PM Dick Nichols class has turned the challenge into a competition with her boyfriend. Not only is she setting out to complete 1000 pushups but her boyfriend has joined in and they both are keeping each other motivated.

Jay, one of my personal training clients, was inspired by a co-worker who does Relentless Boot Camp to take on the Strength by Body Weight Challenge too. This morning he informed me has completed 280 pushups and now half his office has taken on the Challenge as well.

Keep up the hard work!!! You all are committed and will complete the goal.

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