Sunday, January 24, 2010

Megan vs. Showout

The more comfortable I am with myself; the more I realize how people perceive me so differently. My sister actually brought up the topic the other night when we were at dinner. On the outside people see me as either a hard-core trainer or they see me as a hot mess Showout soaking up life. We were laughing because people call me Showout and people call me Megan. However, what I am starting to realize are some people only see one or the other. Misunderstood, maybe???

Megan is the oldest of 4 kids. Born in Tyler, TX and grew up around TX because her Dad is a high school football coach. Her Dad is her hero and someone she looks up to. Her Dad is Strong, Confident, Unselfish, Ambitious. She only hopes to meet a man someday as amazing as her father. She has the most loving mother. Her Mom was a stay-at-home mom and would (and still will) sacrifice anything for her children. Her parents have been married 34 years; she feels so blessed to be in a family where a loving marriage still exists. Her two sisters and brother are her best friends. Family is a huge part of her life. She was raised in a Christian home and went to a Baptist church. She had her fair share of disagreements with her family regarding the "black & white" mentality of a Baptist upbringing, but it certainly shaped her into who she is today.

Megan gets up anywhere from 4:45 to 5:45AM four days a week. She is regimented and focused, especially during the week. She loves to coach and train individuals. She is blessed to have her dream job at the age of 29. She loves to write. Make lists and check everything off. Dream. Be held. Fall in love some day. Scared of being alone. She is confident and strong. CrossFit is not just her job. It is who she is. She loves academia. (I actually thought about jumping into one of my youngest sister's classes at UT that have 500+ students to just listen and soak it up and then of course not show up on test day).

Showout lives in Austin and embraces every moment of being alive. She loves to hang out with her friends. She loves the sun, and every time it is a beautiful day in Austin she wants to be outside either playing or splashing around in the water. She loves the weekends! This is her time to chill, dance, get dressed up. She loves martinis, wine, and ritas. She loves to watch football all day on Saturday and Sunday, and then in the summers she loves to lay by the pool with her best friend, literally all day, and then go out. She is in love with Austin, TX and never wants to leave. (I often say I am having a love affair with this city. Ha!). She loves to wear bright colors, paint her nails and toenails, and be girlie. She always wants everyone around her to have fun and be happy.

As you can see it is easy to be misunderstood. On the outside it may seem one way, but when you ask the right questions and actually care to know more, it is amazing what you can learn about a person. My hope is that the more people I meet, the more I am able to show both Megan and Showout. This makes me who I am today. I used to think I almost had to separate the two, but now I am challenging myself to be more real with each person I encounter. Rather it be at CrossFit, grocery shopping, downtown, the book store... Megan and Showout unite!

Who are you?

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  1. I actally have always thought of you as megan the showout girl who is smart, fit, funny and is a blast to hang out with! You make the early morning easier;)