Monday, January 4, 2010

Strength by Body Weight

It is a New Year. New challenges. New resolutions. New goals to achieve. The 8:30AM MWF Lake Pointe boot camp had a plank competition at the end of class. The winners took it a step further to see how long they could hold a plank with weight added to the static hold.

I am challenging all Relentless boot campers to participate in the Strength By Body Weight Challenge in the month of January to gear up for the Relentless Adventure Challenge kicking off on February 6th.

The rules are simple:

1. Complete 1000 pushups on toes or knees

2. Pushups done in boot camp do NOT count towards your overall goal

3. You can do as many or as few pushups as you want each day. Simply complete 1000 pushups by January 31st.

Everyone is a WINNER if they complete the challenge. 3, 2, 1 GO!!!

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