Monday, February 22, 2010


It is the quiet moments, the moments out of the spotlight, that most defines character. - Winston Churchill

I take this quote to heart. Growing up my mom and dad would always remind me that it was the moments when no one was watching that truly defined my character. I remember in the 7th grade receiving a hand out from the coaches at Baylor's Lady Bear basketball camp that had this quote written on it. I hung it on my wall as a daily reminder.

It is easy to go the extra mile when you know your boss will see/acknowledge your hard work; or stay extra after CrossFit or basketball/football, etc. practice because you know your coach is there to see you put in the extra work. However, it is the moments when you still go the extra mile without any recognition; still perform your daily duties regardless of who will NOT know if you did slack that day.

Tim (pic above) poses after his workout. He is not allowing travel to hinder him from knocking out his Relentless Adventure Challenge weekly workouts. It is the quiet moments, out of the spot light, when no one else is looking, that most defines your character....

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