Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Programs

We are in Week 4 of the Relentless Adventure Challenge. Two team members from Team Holla Back Girls grabbed in an extra workout this weekend at the UTB. Jane & Vanessa (pic above) have a great tip for all you interested in trying out free workouts.

Jane & Vanessa's Advice: "grab a BIG GUY to be on your team!! We snagged Blake and he was awesome ... very motivating and fast and strong ... woohoo!! AND he carried the ball on the whole run ..."

March programs launch on Monday as well. Spring is the perfect time to join a Relentless Boot Camp. Try out a class for FREE.

Showout Meg's Boot Camps-
  • Lake Pointe MWF 8:30AM
  • Deep Eddy Tu/Th 5:30AM
  • Deep Eddy Tu/Th 6:30AM
  • Dick Nichols Park Tu/Th 6:00PM
  • Flywheel Fitness on S. Lamar Tu/Th 8:00AM - BRAND NEW CLASS