Thursday, February 11, 2010

Superfood: ONION

My new favorite vegetable is the purple onion. I have always been a fan of diced onions when sauteing meats or eating salads; however, I have now ventured to cooking onions in my lovely skillet. I don't even have to use olive oil or coconut oil unless I am needing the additional fat, because they saute up just perfectly. My favorite way to cook a purple onion right now is to peel off each slice layer by layer and throw it in the skillet. Eating an onion this way versus diced has made a huge difference. Sweet. Yummy. Delicious. I throw them on everything.

Disclaimer: Please brush teeth, chew gum, or throw in a Listerine pocket after consuming.

Onions Health Benefits
  1. Prevention of Asthma
  2. Preventing Osteoporosis
  3. Reducing Diabetes
  4. Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases
  5. Prevention of Cancer
  6. Curing Sinus Infections
  7. Curing Insomnia
Read more about the health benefits of onions HERE.

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