Sunday, August 22, 2010

Active Weekend

This weekend has been a blast and it's not even over yet. Five of my Relentless athletes competed in the 2nd annual Women's Challenge on Saturday and did phenomenal. I was super impressed with how well they did in the 2nd WOD, especially since they never pick up a barbell in boot camp.

Then this morning Heather Reed, Karen Pierce, Emily Baker, and I volunteered at the Sweet & Twisted Tri. Heather and I were placed together to direct the runners and cheer them on during the last part of the run. Multiple ladies thanked us for the support and a hand full of them told us we were the best cheerleaders all day. I guess it pays off to have a showout personality =). Congratulations to everyone who competed! Each of you made my morning with your positive, encouraging attitude.

A big shout out to Davianne who participated in both the Women's Challenge and the Tri this weekend. She stopped and gave Heather and I a hug on her run. Love it!

The girl on the left is Emily in the 5:30am M/W Relentless Boot Camp at Deep Eddy Park. She's throwing up her Double Cs on the run!!!

What fun, active event did you do this weekend?

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