Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember the Good Days

Do you have days where you wish you could capture every single moment of that day so you can never forget how great your life is? I took a hike on the Greenbelt for the 1st time ever with my friend, ShowDea. We had so much fun! ClearLLLLy we did not end up at the watering hole as planned but enjoyed every moment of jumping over rocks, attempting to stay on the trail, tweeting to our friends our destination in case we came up missing, and savoring our 1L of water we each had for the 3 hour trek. The pics below tell a little story of my weekend...

(ShowDea...Can you find her?)

Me posing on rocks. This was quite a trip up the rocks even though you cannot tell from the angle.

Saturday night we found a sign with my last name. ClearLLLLy we had to take a pic.

I am blessed with some of the greatest friends and family! How lucky am I to have a group of people who I can trust, lean on their shoulder, have endless conversation about "visual stimulation," and SHOWOUT. When you have your rough days, take a step back and remember how blessed you are. As @RevRunWisdom tweeted today, All of my good days outweigh my bad. #wontcomplain

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